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Being Church During COVID-19 Pandemic (Additional Webinars)

Where should I turn? How do we continue to operate as a church now? How has the Church handled situations like this in the past? I need help or direction!

The BCM has curated a list of webinars created by some of our ecumenical partners to help you continue your ministry during this unprecedented time. While these are not the only resources out there, this is a good starting point to help you move in the right direction. If you still need help, feel free to contact us through email!

Resilience: Bouncing Back in Troubled Times – NCCUMC (May 13, 2020)

Resilience? What resilience? The global COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted our usual routines. We’re working at home, juggling kids and their schoolwork, keeping a worried eye on elderly parents, and watching the economy collapse. No wonder we’re tired All. The. Time. In this discussion about resilience, Alix Felsing talks about how you can build and restore some equilibrium in uncertain times.

What Will Happen To Our Churches? A Conversation with National Faith Leaders – Faith Lead

We are now living in an unprecedented time. For hundreds of years, congregations gathered together on Sunday mornings. Now, most churches are forced to meet online. For hundreds of years, congregations have depended on cash offerings and Sunday giving. Now, most churches will have to depend on online donations. We are facing an economic recession that will reshape denominations. We are also facing a social recession that redefines ministry. Note: this is now a free online course with additional webinars. 

How Your Church Can Be Faithful During Coronavirus – Fresh Expressions

COVID-19, the novel coronavirus, is causing unprecedented upheaval around the world. What is really happening and how should the Church respond? Now, Fresh Expressions US & Missio Alliance bring together a scientist, a health expert and two church leaders to help you navigate this complex issue.

Epidemics: How the Church Has Responded Through History – Fresh Expressions

As the Novel Coronavirus continues to spread around the world, Christians are searching for ways to respond. Thankfully, Christians have been loving and serving their neighbors throughout multiple crises for two thousand years. In this webinar featuring Dr. Philip Jenkins you will hear about how Christian thinkers have discussed epidemics and other catastrophes throughout history, stories of the Church’s response to epidemics, and opportunities for today’s Church to respond with love and prudence in line with the historical Church.

Help: We Have To Become a Distributed Church Overnight! – Fresh Expressions 

What if you had no choice but to reorganize the way you gather, love and serve as a church? This is the question the Coronavirus is forcing people around the world to consider. In this webinar, you’ll hear from two experts who have helped their churches reorganize into a “distributed” body of Christ. You will hear how one large Church reorganized with just a few weeks notice, how a small traditional church launches and manages new expressions in various contexts, and tips for distributing the work of staff and leaders by empowering average Churchgoers to lead.

Pandemic and the Offering Plate: Talking about Money During the Coronavirus Crisis – NCCUMC

What do we say about money during the pandemic? How can we help our people respond to the financial challenges that confront our congregations? Grounded in scripture, our Wesleyan tradition, and pastoral experience, Jim Harnish will lead us in exploring some practical and positive ways pastors and lay leaders can turn this crisis into a hopeful opportunity for spiritual growth in financial stewardship.