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A Vision for Our New Normal: An Easter Invitation | Webinar & Resources

 A Vision for Our New Normal: An Easter Invitation Webinar

What has this devastating pandemic revealed to us, as individuals, as Christians, and as citizens? How can we best examine our hopes and fears as part of our vision for a new normal? Is this a moment of social transformation? What is God inviting us toward and how do we move in that direction? Join us as we explore these questions and more with the Rev. Peg Chemberlin.

Participants will:

  • reflect on the moment we are in and consider what transformations
    this moment might allow;
  • clarify the hope to which God is calling us;
  • consider imaginative ways of moving forward; and
  • receive a touchstone view of components of social transformation.


Presenter: The Reverend Canon Peg Chemberlin
Chemberlin is a coach, speaker, author, and strategist at the intersection of faith and public life. She is the founder of Justice Connections Consultants LLC. She served as CEO of the Minnesota Council of Churches, as president of the National Council of Churches of Christ-USA, and on Obama’s first Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. She is the recipient of an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree from Moravian College and Seminary, the Bridge Builders Award from the Islamic Resource Group, and the Governor’s Award for Women of Distinction, among many others.


Resources | From Rev. Peg Chemberlin

Click here for a list of all sources and other resources discussed in “A Vision for Our New Normal.”

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Additional Resources | Mentioned During Webinar Discussion




The time for action is now, and we have no time to waste…let’s talk about allyship during a crisis (and beyond!)

Image posted with permission from @ohhappydani

  • UNPACK & LEARN. Become aware of the most urgent needs and comb through as much information as possible. The more you know, the more helpful you’ll be.
  • THINK LOCAL. Chances are, the orgs on the ground are more aware and knowledgeable of what’s high-priority. Before you act, listen and follow their lead so you can maximize your impact within your direct sphere of influence.
  • TAKE ACTION. It’s time to pull-up! Assess your resources and take targeted, direct action that will lead to relief. Whether this means buying groceries for someone, donating computers to programs, or spreading the word about the cause – something must be done!
  • REPEAT! The work continues, and you’re needed for the long-haul.”



Quote by Rev Dr. Doug Hammick at Common Threads Church. Art by Beth McMillian of Oh So Sweet Designs, Raleigh, NC. | @ohsocutedesigns