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#BeMoravianStars | Shining a light on LOVE!

Note: The 2021 #BeMoravianStars campaign has ended. Thank you to everyone who participated with us this year!

Shining a light on LOVE! Thanks to our Moravian Stars!

Be the light. Be a Moravian Star. In a time when light can be hard to find, there are still plenty of our fellow humans out there shining light into dark places and fulfilling the scriptural command to love your neighbor as yourself. Let’s transform the world with love and be the light…

BCM is seeking nominations to honor those who are making a difference in their community through both small and big acts of kindness. Complete this brief form to nominate someone for this recognition. We will “star” the yards of those nominated to honor them for their generosity and love for their neighbor. Then, we will feature their good deeds on our social media channels and website. If you have any questions, please contact Hanna Jackson at [email protected]

Please complete this brief form below to nominate individuals and organizations for #BeMoravianStars! If you have images/videos you would like to include with your nominations, please upload them here.

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2021 #BeMoravianStars Honorees

Click the name below to learn more about each honoree.

Beth Hayes | Come and Worship

Beth does the Children’s Formation at Come and Worship, and prior to the Virtual Sunday Zoom meetings, drives to each child’s home and provides them with the materials for the month, or mails them to children who participate out-of-town. The kids adore her and they truly enjoy their time with Beth. Her object lessons have helped the kids not only grow in their faith, but they become participants in worship as well.

She also makes sure that shut-ins, be they from C&W or not, have little surprises to perk up their isolation – letting them know they are loved. It might be a doughnut, a plant, a card, some soup, whatever she thinks will make them feel special. She provides rides for those who do not drive – taking them to the grocery, doctor’s appointments, whatever they need. She keeps a book and reads in her car while they are inside. So many people know all they have to do is call and she will respond – and she always does so cheerfully!

She is always thinking of everyone else – never about herself. She takes great care of her friends, family, and her cats. She not only shows the face of Jesus to all she meets, but she has the unique ability of seeing Him in everyone she encounters. She always knows the right book for any age; she knows how to make people feel good; she knows how important simple contacts are to those who are in COVID-19 isolation. She makes everyone feel special – kids, cats, adults. What truly makes her special is that she looks for ways to serve. She searches for people who need what she can give. And then she makes it happen. Beth is one of those rare people who not only sees the Light, works hard at being the Light.


Hilda Cieza-Regalado | Friedland Moravian Church

Hilda is normally a very active person with extra curriculum activities. In finding new ways to spend her time, last fall she worked in cleaning, organizing, and digitalizing documents of the Friedland Moravian Archives as a Girl Scout project. She loved learning more about the history of her church and spent over 50 hours on the project. During this time, she is virtual tutoring a girl, Ariana, who needs assistance with reading. She plans her lessons and spends 2-3 hours a week for virtual tutoring. Hilda is truly showing us how to make a difference one step at a time.


Margie Lamb | Fries Memorial Moravian Church

Through these difficult times, the Friends of Moravian Prison Ministry (FMPM) have continued their mission, which can be summed up in three important words affirmed and embraced by Moravian theology and service to the community: redeeming, restoring, reconnecting in the name of Christ. Margie Lamb, FMPM chair, has been leading the way with virtual fundraising to ensure contributions roll in to support the Moravian Chaplain that serves the Forsyth Jail and Prison Ministry. She individually writes thank you notes to all the donors, showing how much their contribution means to all involved. She also helped coordinate and distribute gifts, blankets, and shoes to the children and families of inmates before Christmas. Click here to learn more about the Friends of Moravian Prison Ministry and the work they do for Forsyth Jail and Prison Ministry.


John Marek | New Beginnings Moravian Church

John is one of our newer members of New Beginnings, installed not long before COVID-19 hit. Soon after his installation, he proposed to the Church Board that New Beginnings begin a garden ministry on some vacant property the church owns. The crop of this ministry would benefit local food pantries and community outreaches. The Board and the whole church received his proposal with overwhelming support. Even after the pandemic began in March, which reduced the number of volunteers able to help, John has spent countless hours in the garden. Throughout the summer and fall, he has cultivated pounds and pounds of crops and delivered them to an organization called Angels and Sparrows in Huntersville almost on a weekly basis.

John with his “garden dog,” Laika, at the New Beginnings Moravian Church Garden Ministry.


Sam and Julia Simmons | Mt. Laurel Moravian Fellowship

Sam and Julia Simmons have been spreading Christmas cheer as Santa and Mrs. Claus since the mid-2000s. When COVID-19 hit, they knew that they needed to find a way to continue their tradition of bringing joy to children. Through the use of technology, children were teleported using Zoom to the North Pole! Santa and Mrs. Claus were there in their workshop ready to listen, laugh, and bring some normalcy to the unusual Christmas season.  They even put together a diminutive  Lovefeast set so that Moravian elves don’t have to miss out on that lovely and important tradition during their busy season at the North Pole.

Click here to learn more about the Blue Ridge Santa. 


Lee Crawford | Raleigh Moravian Church

After COVID hit, Lee jumped into action delivering Sunday School supply kits across the Triangle to ensure all children and families have access to the materials needed for virtual faith formation. We couldn’t do it without her help here at Raleigh Moravian Church!


Margaret Couch & Tod and Corinne Serfass | Fries Memorial Moravian Church

This family has worked diligently in all aspects of shepherding Fries during Covid, most especially Margaret. She has taken on communicating, visiting, serving as vice-chair of the board, stuffing lovefeast boxes, teaching virtual Sunday School, and keeping up with regulations from the PEC and the CDC (with help from her wonderful daughter who is home to be a comfort and help to her parents, cooking and reminding them of taking care of themselves). In short, Margaret is keeping her finger on the pulse of this wonderful congregation. She has maintained a cheerful and gracious demeanor and kept confidentiality as needed. Tod has moved quietly in supporting Margaret’s work with his own, keeping the sign in the church yard current, helping with the gathering of donations for Sunnyside and Friends of Moravian Prison Ministry (and all heavy lifting), and being the rock that Margaret leans on, especially in Sunday School. This is a faithful and marvelous family, Moravian Stars, everyone!


Dan Johnson and Roger Johnson | Union Cross Moravian Church and Thrift Store

Dan Johnson and Roger Johnson (not related) spend countless hours at Union Cross Thrift Store. Dan handles the business end (ordering things, doing administrative work, making sure people are there to put out items & help customers, etc.), and Roger runs the cash register, helps customers, and does a host of other things to help this mission, which provides a ministry and very reasonably-priced items to our community. Neither of these people gets paid for anything they do, and they are the most dedicated people showing God’s love through their work.

Click here to learn more about the Union Cross Thrift Store.


Rev. Tim Byerly | Home Moravian Church

Reverend Byerly and his wife, Wanda, joined the Home Moravian congregation the week before the COVID-19 lockdown was imposed but have been attending for a few years. During the pandemic, Reverend Byerly has coordinated two Living Faith Moravian small groups to assist members of our congregation in their personal spiritual growth. One of these continues to meet and has the potential for additional groups.  This coordination has used the Zoom platform on the Internet when necessary and in person when possible for 1 1/2 hour weekly sessions.

Reverend Byerly, although officially retired as a pastor, has also been engaged, in partnership with Catherine Greene, in planning and conducting outdoor worship opportunities to allow our congregation to gather in person in a safe manner during these times when our sanctuary has not been a safe worship venue and to experience various forms of worship.

Additionally, Reverend Byerly has helped with the teaching of the Sunday School Bible Discussion class both on line and in person. He is also a member of our congregation’s Vision Implementation Team which has been working to implement our vision which did not include a pandemic when the plan was presented at the beginning of 2020. His insight and flexibility during this pandemic has helped our congregation stay focused through various iterations of this effort.

In a time when light can be hard to find, thank you for shining light into dark places and fulfilling the scriptural command to love your neighbor as yourself. Together, we can transform the world with love and be a light to others!