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The Work Continues: Estamos Unidos Moravian Ministry

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Serving in the ESTAMOS UNIDOS (We are United) Moravian Ministry, it has been a great blessing for me and my family. God greatly uses my wife as the leader of this ministry, and in His mercy allows me to support her in every activity that she carries out under God’s directions.

At each meeting, I can see our beloved Hispanic community eager to excel and learn, not only in English classes but also in listening to the word of God. Ladies, youth, children, and volunteers joined in a song of thanks to God, surely many of those who visit us come with problems and with great spiritual and economic needs, but despite that, you can feel the joy that hope brings in Christ.

The word of God is sown in their hearts and at the same time they spread the good news among their friends, many new members were joining each week. Music captures the interest of children, each of them learns Christian songs and develops their talents in music while praising our God. The little ones learn Bible stories and make crafts with messages of love and peace for their little hearts.


Weekly online Bible Study held by Estamos Unidos. | Photo courtesy of Ruben Cieza

Every 14 days we met with a group of teenagers to develop different activities. They learn the value of volunteering at Sunnyside Ministry, and we talk about important topics for their age, such as racism, violence, friendships, and love.

Pastors, leaders, and members of our beloved Moravian Church united as volunteers, responding to the call of our Lord, with love and responsibility. Each of them prepares their class and prepares their materials, giving their time and strength to contribute to the change of future generations of our Hispanic community. I know that in Christ they will be rewarded.

Being part of the work of Christ through this ministry has touched my heart. Sometimes I substitute for a teacher allowing me to be in all the classes and see how each of the students puts in their effort to change their start, to be better, not to stagnate. God brings them together and works in a special way with them, step by step they learn to trust Him, love Him and discover that the good news that Jesus brought us not only changes our spiritual destiny but also our lives on this earth.

Everything I have described to you would normally happen in the life of ESTAMOS UNIDOS family, but the current circumstances in which we live have also affected the normal development of our ministry.


Prepping for joint VBS with Kernersville, Union Cross, and Friedland Moravian Churches. | Photo courtesy of Ruben Cieza

Currently, we are facing a new challenge, since many families, especially the adult people of our ministry, do not know how to use electronic devices very well. This has not impeded us from bringing the good news of the Gospel of Christ to our community. Now, every Monday we meet online to study the Bible, and a few days ago we concluded the last VBS week in which we participated together with the sister churches of Kernersville, Union Cross, and Friedland. Currently, 15 of our children are part of Sunnyside Freedom School and the other 15 kids are part of Laurel Ridge virtual camps. This has been and is a great blessing for our children.

Although we are aware that not everyone can access the internet, we maintain telephone contact with around 40 families who are part of our ministry, encouraging them and informing them about the health recommendations that help us to cope with this pandemic.

It is a joy to know that the encouragement, hope, and faith of our ESTAMOS UNIDOS family has not waned, but has been strengthened in the Lord, I am sure by the prayers and support of our anonymous volunteers like you.

We will not know what awaits us tomorrow, but I am sure that God is part of this ministry. Therefore, we rest in Him and in His love that we can perceive every day in our ESTAMOS UNIDOS family.

God bless our beloved Moravian Church and its emerging ministries. God bless ESTAMOS UNIDOS.

About the Author

Ruben with his wife, Rev. Angelica Regalado. | Photo courtesy of Ruben Cieza

Ruben J. Cieza, MSc in Chemical Engineering, PhD student of department Nanoscience at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Ruben is proudly married to the Rev. Angelica Regalado Cieza and they have 2 daughters, Hilda and Jael. Ruben is a volunteer and leader of ESTAMOS UNIDOS Moravian Ministry at Winston Salem, and a member of Friedland Moravian Church.

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