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¡Feliz Aniversario Estamos Unidos!

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Estamos Unidos is a ministry that has been going on since September 2018 and is being led by the Rev. Angelica Regalado Cieza, my mom. Although Estamos Unidos began as an outreach ministry focusing mainly on ESL classes for the Hispanic community, they have expanded their programs to reach entire families. I am a teenager and have been going to the different programs for all of the 2 years, it has been interesting to watch the ministry’s development and growth.

One of my favorite parts was when the older kids got the option of learning to play an instrument, I was ecstatic! I love music and was ready to be taught by the kind volunteers. During those classes, we got to talk about the styles of music we liked and what we would like to learn. I believe that this opened a new opportunity for me and my fellow peers to not only learn but also to share our opinion in our interest in music. It was nice that our opinion was asked and consider when developing programs for us. We would all show glee in our faces when our teachers praised us for what we had learned over the weeks. The parents were also always thanking my mother and the teachers for their efforts of giving their kids more options to do while their parents were in their classes. I miss our Wednesday program!

Now some time afterward it was realized at Estamos Unidos that there were quite a bit of teenagers going to the program. So the Estamos Unidos (EU) leadership wanted to be able to focus on these kids as well, so the Saturday Teen program was created. I miss those Saturdays eating pizza and sharing about the different issues that happen in our community and in the world.

Of course, after COVID-19 hit, many of these programs were put on hold and a new way of connecting with one another was developed. One way that many of us, the EU teens, get together is at the Sunday school virtual every Sunday morning. Even when we don’t have the pizza, we do have the fellowship of connecting with one another. We really don’t know how long this pandemic will last, but knowing that we can be innovative with the ways we meet is comforting.

I am so blessed to be part of a larger Christian Moravian community. That is why when my mom asked me to write something about my experiences at Estamos Unidos, I didn’t hesitate in sharing my gladness in witnessing this ministry’s birth and growth over the past 2 years.

As a teen, sometimes it is hard to share among the adults my opinion and perspective, but I am glad I have a mom that often motivates me and gives me the opportunity to share. I am sure that I am not the only one that feels that way in our teen group at EU.

I am so grateful to God for “my mom’s ministry” and for the way God is showing His love to our hermanos y hermanas Latinos. Once again, Happy Anniversary Estamos Unidos!

About the Author

Photo courtesy of Hilda Cieza-Regalado

Hilda Cieza-Regalado is a native of Winston-Salem and a life-long Moravian. Hilda is currently in 9th grade at Salem Academy. She is the daughter of the Rev. Angelica Regalado Cieza and Ruben Cieza, the sister of Jael, and the granddaughter of the Rev. Segundo and Hilda Regalado. Hilda is a member of Friedland Moravian Church and an active member of Estamos Unidos Moravian Ministry.

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