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2020 Retrospective

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Truly there’s never been another year like 2020, and we hope there never will be again. That said, 2020 had some important lessons to teach us . . . here are 5 of mine:

#5: Don’t miss that window of safety in the summer OR you’ll find your hair much longer than you’d like it to be come Christmas!!

#4: It takes additional energy to be present on a Zoom call – what we might do in an hour in-person, needs to be done in 30 minutes online. So, pace yourself!

#3: While there may be no such thing as work-life balance, there SHOULD be. And as leaders in this strange, disruptive time, we’ve got to emphasize this and model it for our ministry teams, our employees, and our volunteers.

#2: It is possible to achieve great things without being physically together – and geographical boundaries are not nearly as important as our overall mission.

#1: Church is NOT a building. Our Lamb has conquered, and we can follow Him, no matter where we worship and gather.

This short document provides an overview of BCM’s ministry over the past year. While we did not accomplish all that we set out to when we naively set our 2020 goals in late 2019, we were able, with the help, support, and hard work of Moravians from across North America, to meet many Moravians and others where they were . . . which sometimes changed daily. We hope this work will continue to inspire you and embolden you for the challenges and joys yet to come.

Don’t forget! For Moravians, Christianity is grounded in the living experience of faith in Christ, active love for others, and joyful hope. We believe that this living relationship with Christ is born and nurtured in local faith communities, in relationship with and in service to one another and the world. Those relationships, our connections and our ministry, can happen no matter what.

What is your joyful hope for 2021? Share it with us today.

About the Author

Ruth Cole Burcaw is the Executive Director of the Board of Cooperative Ministries. She attends Unity Moravian Church in Lewisville, NC. During this pandemic, she has grown her love of neighbor by sewing hundreds of masks for family and friends.

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