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Youth Devotions: Spring 2021

In lieu of a Provincial Spring Event, the RYC has decided to create a series of devotions.

These devotions can be used at any time, as a group or individually. They are structured with different themes: Sunrise, Sunset, Outsite, Inside. We suggest that you try to do these devotions during these specific times or locations to help you disconnect from the outside world while reconnecting with yourself and God. Try starting your week with the “Sunrise” devotion while watching the sunrise, and ending the week watching the sunset while reflecting on the “Sunset” devotion.

Each devotion consists of 5 parts:

  • Pause: Start with deep cleansing, meditative breaths. To do this, find a relaxed, comfortable position, notice and relax your body, and tune into your breathing. Feel the natural flow of breath—in, out.
  • Listen: Read the Scripture verses to hear what God is trying to tell you today.
  • Think: Take a few minutes to read the short devotion. Think about how it pertains to you at this moment. Reflect on it for a few minutes before moving to the next part.
  • Pray: Close your eyes and bow your head, or lift your arms up to God. Whatever feels natural as your say this short prayer.
  • Go: How can you use what you are feeling to impact the world! GO!

We hope you enjoy these short times of reflection and we look forward to being able to gather together in person soon.

Click here to view or print the short devotion series!