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Sarah Sprinkle Maynard Holland has been in my thoughts recently. May is her birthday month and on Mother’s Day, our family remembers her as my bonus mom and grandmother to my children. A box of old letters and newspaper clippings contained a letter that mentioned Sarah as being in charge of the reception at Bethabara Moravian in 1972. This was a time of joyful celebration and thanksgiving as Bethabara dedicated to the Lord a new sanctuary.

Recently I wrote about prayer and how it is an important part of our lives as Christians. Bethabara would have opening sessions for Sunday School when I was a child. Fifteen minutes would be spent in the old sanctuary which serves as a fellowship hall with different members taking turns on Sundays. Sarah would always start on time and have a verse prepared. When she went into the closing prayer my 10-year-old self would know I would be late for Sunday School class. I did see that she talked to the Lord like he was a friend and that is a lesson many of us have taken into our adulthood as we serve at Bethabara or other churches.

Sarah served the Lord with her culinary gifts as well. As she entered into her 90th year these gifts were not something she could bring to the Lord’s home. However, she found joy in the simple ways she could serve. No longer able to brew the tea, she filled the cups with ice.

Truly I tell you, anyone who gives you a cup of water in my name because you belong to the Messiah will certainly not lose their reward.- Mark 9:41

Sarah and Raeford Maynard were married for over 50 years. Ernest Holland and Catherine Holland were married over 43 years. Sarah and my dad Ernest were widowed within a year of each other. Dad and Sarah married and had seventeen years together.

About the Author

Photo courtesy of Jo Beth Holland Boyles.

Jo Beth Holland Boyles has a great appreciation for history and genealogy. She serves the Lord by playing the flute at Bethabara Moravian Church. Her husband, Robby, sings in the choir and she has two grown children, Katie and Robert. The picture above is of Jo Beth from the 1970s at Historic Bethabara.

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