Canadian Moravian Mission Society (CMMS)

The Canadian Moravian Mission Society (CMMS) provides support and encouragement to congregations and individuals wishing to respond to the needs of God’s people through local and global service and mission. It operates under the Board of Elders of the Canadian District (BECD) with a mandate to provide overall direction for mission as well as stewardship of district mission funds.

The CMMS consists of a standing committee that includes one representative from each congregation and a chair who is elected at synod. The chair reports to the BECD, and maintains a liaison with Board of World Mission (BWM) as the elected representative of the Canadian District.

The CMMS is sustained through donations as well as an annual synod-mandated stipend from the BECD. It supports the needs of emerging Moravian ministries and long standing mission partners as they are brought forward by the BWM. To learn more about these missions and ministries, visit

The Rajpur Foster Child Project operates under the CMMS and was developed in the Canadian District to provide tuition plus room and board at the Moravian Institute in Rajpur, Northern India for disadvantaged and orphaned children so that they may receive a quality education in a loving Christian environment. To make a donation or learn more about Rajpur, visit or contact: [email protected].

To donate to the CMMS or learn more about our work, please contact Donna Gordon at [email protected].  You can also learn more with our updated brochure (download).