A Season in Song: Hymn Reflections for Advent

Advent is a time set aside each year to prepare for and celebrate the coming of Christ into the world. One of the ways Christians throughout the generations have celebrated Advent is through hymns, something that Moravians in particular hold very close to their hearts. To celebrate Advent this year, we want to share your stories!

We invite you to record a short video of yourself talking about your favorite Advent hymn and why you love it.

Which hymn brings up special memories for you?

What hymn or carol sums up what Advent or Christmas means to you?

Please share with us lyrics of a hymn that moves you on a deep level and tell us why.

We will be spotlighting some of these reflections throughout the month of December on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

When is the deadline?

The submission deadline is Tuesday, December 10th.

What should be in the video?

Start with saying your name and spell it out (this will not be included in the final video, we just need it for labeling the video). Then, answer one of the above questions on what Advent Hymn means the most to you and why. Please make the reflection portion of the video around 1 minute in length. Do remember that there’s a possibility that the final product may remove a portion of your video for length and clarity purposes.

How can I submit?

Please record your video and send it as an email attachment to [email protected]. If your video is too large, please email it as a Google Drive link instead. If you have trouble uploading, please email Austin and he can help you.

I’m not very tech savvy. Can you record me instead?

Yes! You can drop by the Moravian BCM office (500 S. Church Street, Winston-Salem, NC) on a Tuesday or Thursday in November. Please let someone know in advance by emailing [email protected] with the Subject line “Advent Video” and saying what day and time you would like to drop by. Recording should take no more than 15 minutes.

Where can I watch my video when it’s done?

The videos will be uploaded to our Facebook and Instagram accounts. There will also be a compilation video uploaded to our YouTube Channel.