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Leadership Focus 2020

Saturday, February 22, 2020 | 9:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
Bethania Moravian Church, Bethania, NC

Bloom! Using Our Gifts to Grow the Kingdom

Being the church in the twenty-first century calls us to new challenges and demands greater commitment and understanding of our faith and action. This year, we’ll explore how we as Moravian Christians can use our gifts to grow in new directions, deepen our congregational engagement, and meet people where they are in this changing, uncertain world. What is God calling us to do or be in the 21st century? A day of learning and fellowship, Leadership Focus provides education, training, and discussion opportunities for Southern Province Moravians.

Congregational Conversation- Opening Session

The Rev. Dr. Riddick Weber, Associate Professor of Pastoral Ministry and Seminary Chaplain at Moravian Theological Seminary, will moderate a conversation with representatives from several Moravian congregations that are “living the essentials” and using their gifts of ministry to make a difference in today’s world. What life-giving ministries and actions are they engaging in? What lessons have they learned? What are these faith communities doing to ensure that they are growing in faith, love, and hope, while following Jesus in serving the world?


Morning Workshops

  • A-1: Giftedness: Discovering and Delighting in All We Have and All We Can Do
    • This engaging session will explore what scripture tells us about giftedness, invite participants to reflect on their own gifts and how they use them, and share more about the gifts and resources within the Moravian Church that many may not recognize exist. Laura Watson, Director of Stewardship Services, MMFA and the Rev. Dr. Riddick Weber, Associate Professor of Pastoral Ministry, MTS.
  • A-2: Serving from the Heart… Making All Ages Feel Welcome at Church
    • Explore ways to make all ages, especially children, feel welcome in your church using your church’s individual gifts and talents. Learn how the up and coming trend of providing all-inclusive faith formation helps provide meaningful moments for the congregation! Stepping outside of the typical Sunday morning offerings allows for different ages to join together in learning and growing in Christ! Beth Hayes, Director of Congregational Ministries and Resources, Board of Cooperative Ministries with other Christian Educators.
  • A-3: Solving the Puzzle of the Province-CANCELED!
  • A-4: The Challenge and the Opportunity of College and Young Adult Ministry
    • Millennials (25-40 year olds) and Generation Z (those 22 and under) are in many ways like a mission field, requiring a different set of tools and even a different language! It takes intentionality, foresight, and genuine love to keep reaching successive generations. Our presenters (who fall into these generational categories) will share recent research as well as some tips for both communicating and connecting with college-aged and young adults. Austin Craver, Technical Production Coordinator, Board of Cooperative Ministries and Hanna Jackson, Special Projects Manager, Board of Cooperative Ministries.


Afternoon Workshops

  • B-1: Best Practices for Board Members
    • This workshop engages first-time and “seasoned” members of church boards in learning and group discussion about “best practices” for meetings, decision-making, board leadership, and communication. The Rev. David Guthrie, President, Provincial Elders Conference.
  • B-2: Generational Living & Giving
    • We are all created in the image of a loving God. We all bring a unique set of personalities, preferences, biases, and traits to our embodiment of that image. For sure, we bring those perspectives with us to our churches every time we come (if we show up at all). How do we support generational differences in a changing world all with the love of Jesus? Isn’t the goal of the church the same regardless of how old you are? We will explore the traits of the major generations and have a discussion around the support of each group. We’ll explore how each generation views money and religion and the future of the church and share ideas on how to continue to reach and support everyone. Chris Spaugh, President & CEO, Moravian Ministries Foundation in America.
  • B-3: Jumpstart! Your New Ministry Idea
    • We worship a creative God…a God that is continuously creating and re-creating to fulfill His purposes. How can we expand our imaginations so we can see Jesus as central, present and active, here and now, creating, redeeming, and sanctifying in our world? We seek Jesus’s vision for what He is calling us to, both individually and collectively. Let’s talk about how we can keep what is essential and meaningful in our faith and practice, and imagine it in new ways. Members of the New and Emerging Ministry Team will share innovative ways in which others are joining God at work in their communities, and help participants begin to discern if/how God may be calling them to do the same. Members of the New and Emerging Ministry Team.
  • B-4: Strengthening your Church’s Communication Core
    • Looking to improve communication at your church, but unsure where – or how – to start? Worried about a lack of resources (money or people) to create effective communication, internally or externally? Our session will include a discussion of the role communication plays in your ministry; ideas on developing the all-important communication plan; ways to determine the best communications methods for your situation and finding the people to help you implement them; and easy-to-access resources to help you on your communication path. Hanna Jackson, Special Projects Manager, Board of Cooperative Ministries and Mike Riess, Executive Director, Interprovincial Board of Communication.


Please register for this event via one of the methods below. This event is $20 for regular registration, $15 for pastors and educators, and $10 for students. The registration fee includes lunch and event materials.

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