Moravian Christmas Reflections 2021

Advent is a time set aside each year to prepare for and celebrate the coming of Christ into the world. There are many experiences Moravians in particular hold dear when it comes to the Advent and Christmas seasons. However, this year these beloved traditions will be taking shape in a different way. Through this year’s #MoravianChristmasReflection videos, we will be taking a look at what these traditions mean to you, how this year has changed these traditions, and what you are excited to see happen in the future! Please send in your reflections by Tuesday, November 30th.

Check out all of our reflections on Facebook! More will be added throughout Advent.

To see last year’s reflections, check them out on YouTube!

Submitting a Moravian Christmas Reflection

We invite you to record a short video (approximately 60-90 seconds in length) of yourself answering one or more of the following questions:

    • What is Christmas Eve like for you? (Describe your local traditions: What do we need to know about your unique Christmas service? What is the first and last hymn to be sung at your Christmas eve service? If you have a lovefeast, what kind of bread/food/coffee is used? What do your dieners wear? What color are your candle ribbons?)
    • What do the words “Moravian Christmas” mean to you? What Christmas traditions do you hold close to your heart? 
    • What kind of mission or outreach do you engage in during Advent and Christmas?
    • What is your favorite childhood memory of Christmas? 
    • What hymn or carol sums up what Advent or Christmas means to you?
    • What did you enjoy about Christmas in 2020 that you will continue this Christmas?
    • What will you be doing a little differently this year as you celebrate Christ’s birth?

How can I best video myself?

Use the video function on your phone. iPhones and newer Android phones have very high quality cameras, which include a video function. Use a high-end camera with digital capabilities. You can also record yourself using the Zoom video conferencing platform. It’s helpful to hold your phone horizontally when recording (rather than vertically). Email BCM’s technical production coordinator, Austin Craver, or Mike Riess, Director of IBOC, and they will help you figure it all out.

What should be in the video?

Start by saying your name and congregation. Spell it out (this will not be included in the final video, we just need it for labeling the video). Then, answer one of the above questions. Please make the reflection portion of the video around 1 minute in length. Do remember there’s a possibility the final version of your reflection video may be edited for length and clarity purposes. Please answer only one question per video submission. You can submit more than one video if you want to answer more than one question. 

How can I submit?

Please record your video and send it as an email attachment to [email protected]. You may be able to do this by “sharing” your video file directly from your phone. If your video is too large (usually more than 15mb – most videos are too big), please email it as a Google Drive link instead. If you have trouble uploading, please email Austin and he can help you.

When is the deadline?

The submission deadline is Tuesday, November 30th.