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Help us Name our Space!

Name our space graphic. Drawing of a woman thinking and a picture of the space at the bottom.
As you might know, we recently moved into the beautiful, historical Cedarhurst building in Old Salem. With this new move, we’ve gained a lot of new opportunities AND new spaces to do our work.
We’d like YOU to be a part of the naming for one of our new rooms!

Here’s a little bit of the vision for what we hope this space will offer:
  • It will be a place that we invite joint boards that are local to Winston-Salem area to use once a year for a board meeting. What changes about your conversations, ideas, or inspiration when considering your congregational ministry in a different space than usual?
  • It will house the leadership, group building and organizational resources from our library.
  • It will be the place we host small workshops, book groups, discussion groups, etc. We even have a screened in porch to enjoy!
  • It will be the place for dreaming up new visions, expressions of Christian community, ministries and much more!

Here are some questions we are asking as we curate the art on the walls and way the room is set up:
  • What about a space gives us permission to be nourished through the foundation of our past and grow beyond through God’s vision for the future?
  • What kinds of visual art, quotes, plants, etc. make a space feel creative to you?
  • What kinds of tools need to be available for creative meetings and discussions? (i.e. markers, paper, white board, fidget toys, music, etc.)

So now that you know a little bit about what the space is about…what do you think a good name would be?
We welcome your suggestions as they contribute to the process of discerning a name that invites and inspires creativity in all of us.

Submit Your Suggestion Here!

Colorful book shelves and a blue banner with a Moravian Star