Road to Racial Justice seminar with Dr. Timothy Berry | May 9, 10, and 12th

The Moravian Church Northern Province Racial Justice Team (RJT) and the Moravian Church Southern Province Moravian Team for Racial, Cultural, and Ethnic Reconciliation (MTR) are sponsoring the seminar, “Road to Racial Justice,” presented by Dr. Timothy Berry on May 9, 10, and 12, 7-9:30 pm ET, 6-8:30 pm CT, and 5-7:30 pm MT.

This seminar engages participants in a comprehensive approach to learning about the social constructs of race and will enhance an individual’s or congregation’s ability to identify and address inequities in communities.

Dr. Timothy Berry is an educator, composer, and performing artist. He is Interim Associate Vice President for Faculty Affairs and Equity Initiatives at Minnesota State University Mankato. He holds a Master of Music Education degree with an emphasis in multicultural music from The University of Minnesota. Dr. Berry is a frequent speaker at schools, universities, conferences, businesses, and churches to share his insights and research surrounding race literacy, organizational transformation, and antiracism.

The seminar is FREE and open to all. Registrations for this engaging series are due by May 6, 2022. To register, e-mail [email protected] and provide your name and preferred e-mail address. For questions, contact Sue Koenig at [email protected] or Betsy Bombick at [email protected]