Eastern District Ministry Teams

Spiritual Formation Ministry Team

“Nurturing faith, encouraging growth, building relationships. Enabling Eastern District Moravians to discern Christ’s call”

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Carolyn Menapace, Co-chairperson
Phone: 330-204-7089, Email: [email protected]

Tammie Rinker, Co-chairperson
Phone: 301-441-1814, Email: [email protected]

Stewardship for Life Ministry Team

“The church may not have all it wants, but it has been given all it needs; and the fields are waiting, already white for harvest..”

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Jay Petrella, Co-chairperson
Email: [email protected]
Bevon White, Co-chairperson
Email: [email protected]

Church in Society Ministry Team

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Andrea Charles-Browne, Co-chairperson
Phone: 732-208-6258, Email: [email protected]
Laura Gordon, Co-chairperson
Phone: 570-676-8201, Email: [email protected]
Sue Koenig, Co-chairperson
Phone: 301-271-5371, Email: [email protected]