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Reflections on Confirmation

Youth from Central Moravian Church reflect on their Confirmation experiences and what it means to them.


From Current Confirmation Class Members:

Confirmation is an important and meaningful experience.   I love having the opportunity to deepen my faith and learn more about who I am as a Christian.   Learning and praying with friends has been very special.

Claire Phillips


Confirmation is fun because we get to learn about God.              

Ruthie Ferrey


In confirmation class, we’ve learned meaningful lessons, more information about our religion, and had educating experiences together.   I am learning a lot and look forward to becoming an adult member of the church.

Andie Silvius


Confirmation is a place where I feel safe because there are a lot of nice people.   I like it because sometimes it makes me feel better that I know more about God.                                                                               

Christian Ferrey


From High School Youth Who Have Already Finished Confirmation


Confirmation taught me to always turn to God when I need guidance.

Hannah Recchiuti-Quier


Confirmation gave me a newfound connection with Moravian history.

Helen Meckstroth


Confirmation showed me many ways to connect with God.

Graydon Wascura


Confirmation helped me to learn, know, and memorize passages from the Bible.                                                                                      

Carol Delbridge


Confirmation allowed me to deepen my faith and gain a better relationship with God.                                                                                   

Robert Owens


Confirmation helped me get closer to people who care for God the same way I do.                                                                                             

Ana Endress