Eastern District Blog


To say that God is just means that God’s goodness, love, mercy and compassion are over all that God has made; and that human beings, created by God in God’s image, are loved and valued equally. Humanity was created to give glory to God and for relationships. God’s justice is the way we are to live in relationship and in community with others; the way we order our lives and live in society; the way we are to regard and treat creation. To live justly is to ensure that all people are treated as God treats us – that all are loved and valued, and shown kindness, mercy, and compassion, equally; and that all share in exercising dominion in caring for creation.

In scripture, God lifts up the poor and lowly, sets the oppressed free, cares for the orphan, the widow, and the immigrant. It is not that God loves the poor more than the rich, it is that God’s love for both is shown in bringing them into right and just relationship with one another – a relationship in which all are free, all have what they need to live and flourish, and all dwell together in peace and harmony.

Just as God has entrusted creation to our care, God has entrusted relationships to our care. God requires that we do justice, and the doing of justice shows our love for God and for all that God has created. We are to live together in a way that ensures that all people have the same rights and opportunities, all are treated with dignity and respect, all needs are met equitably, and all are free from oppression, and free for abundant life. Christ commands us to love one another. Love is shown in caring for the needs and well-being of others, and in doing justice. Both are our responsibilities as those who love God and follow Christ.

Sue Koenig