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Thanks for visiting this website – sponsored by the Moravian Church Northern Province, to foster health and vitality among congregations. In 2010, the Moravian Church Northern Province (MCNP) adopted seven characteristics of healthy congregations.  Since then we have set up the Healthier Moravian Congregations Task Force to facilitate the resourcing of congregations and to work on projects to inform the work of developing healthier practices in our congregations.

This website offers resources to equip people to learn more about the specific characteristics, and to share good ideas that you are trying. It is designed to be fluid, interactive, and generative, offering print and web resources.

You will find resources for all seven characteristics, as well as general resources for boards, pastors and congregational members.

We welcome you to add your favorite resource, suggestions, and to tell us what you are learning as a result of what you’ve discovered here and on the ground where you live and serve.

The Healthy Congregations Task Force would love to hear from you!

You can share resources, experiences, ideas, questions, and feedback directly with us, or join our community on Facebook.