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These articles offer insight into developing healthy characteristics, building capacity for growth, and inspiration.


“Low-Budget Leadership Development”

by Laura E. Everett (link to article)

“Have we failed?”

by Susan Beaumont (link to article)

“Don’t wait until you need a leader to find one”

by Trevor Sutton (link to article)

“Creating Something Beautiful for God”

by Bruce G. Epperly , Katherine Gould Epperly (link to article)

“Spiritual Disciplines and Leadership”

by Timothy Geoffrion (link to article)

“Coaching Impact”

by Susan Nienaber (link to article)

Congregational Leadership as Spiritual Practice

by Bruce G. Epperly (link to article)

“Narrative Leadership in Changing Times”

by Lawrence A. Golemon (link to article)

“Leadership as More than Being in Charge”

by Wayne Floyd (link to article)

“Ten Assumptions of Appreciative Inquiry”

by Mark Lau Branson (link to article)

“The “What” and “Who” of Leadership”

by Jeffery D. Jones (link to article)

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