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We know that in the practice of ministry we find new inspiration and opportunities for growth.  The hope for this website is that it will be a dynamic site with new information and resources added regularly.  As part of that goal we would love to hear from you about the resources which have helped you in your congregations.

Below is a submission form.  Most of the information is required so we can have a full posting with the proper information to honor the publishing rights of the authors and resources provided here.  The final posts will be made under the discretion of the webmaster.

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*By submitting your resource to the website, you give the website organizers full rights to use or not use this resource online (website, social media, etc.), at promotional booths and events, in printed publications, and in funding applications. The Healthier Congregations Task Force and associates reserve the right to oversight regarding which submitted resources are shared by the task force. Resource submissions or access to the resources will not be sold for the financial gain of the Healthier Congregations Task Force.