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Written by rebeccacraver

These articles offer insight into developing healthy characteristics, building capacity for growth, and inspiration.


“Rebranded ELCA church is a place of welcome for believers and nonbelievers alike”

by Jeff Chu (link to article)

“Called to Purpose and Meaning”

by George M. Hillman, Jr. (link to article)

“Dying as the Way to Life”

by Peter Bush (link to article)

“Discovering Your Core”

by Fredric Roberts (link to article)

“Imagining Congregational Identity”

by Janet Cawley (link to article)

“Myths about Communicating Congregational Identity”

by Lynne M. Baab (link to article)

“Congregations as Communities of Memory”

by Diana Bulter Bass (link to article)

Helpful Websites

Congregational Resource Guide

Originally written as a Lutheran resource but it is an Alban suggested resource for developing and exploring congregational identity.

ABCD in Action

“ABCD in Action is your community – a place where we can learn together and from each other about how to apply the principles and practices of Asset-Based Community Development. Please join the discussion!”

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