My Jesus Story Collection

My Jesus Story Collection: 18 New Testament Bible Stories

Written by Archbishop Desmond Tutu

“Beloved human rights activist and 1984 Nobel Peace Prize recipient, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, teams with some of the finest artists around the world to retell eighteen of his most treasured New Testament stories, artfully highlighting both the biblical message and the rich cultural heritage of each illustrator. Featuring a foreword by royal wedding preacher, The Most Reverend Michael Bruce Curry.

Jago, E.B. Lewis, Javaka Steptoe, and Xiao Xin are just a few of the world-renowned artists selected to illustrate this diverse and multi-cultural collection of stories about Jesus, based on content found in The Children of God Storybook Bible (with nearly 150,000 copies sold).

The stunning full-color illustrations throughout My Jesus Story Collection allow many readers to experience Jesus’ life–from the beginning of his ministry through his ascension–in a way they never have before: through people that look like them, in words and images that speak to their heart.

Every story ends with a short prayer, which further personalizes the message for each reader’s own life. A perfect gift for Easter and Christmas, Archbishop Tutu’s wisdom, compassion, and sense of humor shine through every page, celebrating children all over the world by showing them how we are all made in God’s image.” (reposted from