Fishing Tips

Fishing Tips: How Curiosity Transformed a Community of Faith.


By Rev. Dr. John Pentland


“An open invitation to be curious. Using an ancient story as inspiration, John Pentland reflects on how Hillhurst United said “Yes” to throwing the nets on the other side of convention The result was innovative, invigorating, and transformative. This book is for leaders, councils, boards, and small groups who want to invite true change that matters.” (


Review: Pentland tells the story of his ministry with the Hillhurst United Church of Canada in Calgary, AB.  We used it as the basis for a series of two board retreats for planning and conversation starters. This book inspired our own imagination about how we could address the challenges in our congregational life.  I appreciated the clarity of the book and thought it was very helpful to give us a common language to talk about our future.  Rev. Rebecca Craver