Holy Currencies

Holy Currencies: Rev. Eric H. F. Law


Why I like the book:

  • Fresh way of thinking about stewardship through six currencies (time and place, gracious leadership, relationship, truth, wellness, and money) that flow not only in our communities of faith, but also in the wider communities in which we live
  • Real stories of sustainable missional ministries, both in the church and in secular settings
  • Suggested exercises and activities to help people understand each currency and to inventory it/form a plan of how to develop it in their ministry context


Points that really resonated with me:


  1. Fundamental assumptions:
  • God creates, recreates, and owns everything.
  • God gives abundantly.
  • We are not to keep God’s resources; we are to circulate them.
  • God’s blessings are then recycled to create more blessings.


  1. Our choice:
  • To hold on to the resources God has entrusted to us, and let them turn rotten, or
  • To use resources to further divisive and destructive causes, or
  • To let resources flow in life-giving, truth-telling, relationship-building, community-enhancing ways


  1. Embracing the Cycle of Blessings:
  • Personal evaluation: which currencies do you have and value? Which need development? How would you adjust your thinking and behavior to develop these currencies?
  • Congregational evaluation: same questions as above. Look at external and internal movements.
  • Community assessment: what are the signs of blessing flowing through your community? How can your church be a place where blessings are flowing in and out in service to the community?

–Laura Watson, Director of Stewardship Services, Moravian Ministries Foundation (you can reach out to her for more info about this resource! [email protected])