Better Conversations

PDF document of Better Conversations Guide

This guide, at its core, invites groups of people to meaningful and civil conversation. It was created by Krista Tippet (On Being podcast host/creator) and the Civil Conversations Project. It could be used as a curriculum people for small groups, adult Sunday School classes, and other similar gatherings. It could also be adapted to have more scripture tie-ins and the like for a more in-depth study.

From the guide:

“The Civil Conversations Project is a collection of audio, video, writings, and resources for planting new conversations in families and communities. How do we speak the questions we don’t know how to ask each other? Can we find ways to cross gulfs between us about politics and the meaning of community itself? How to engage our neighbors who have become strangers? Can we do that even while we continue to hold passionate disagreements on deep, contrasting convictions?…We insist on approaching civility as an adventure, not an exercise in niceness. It is a departure from ways of being and interacting that aren’t serving our age of change. This is a resource and reflection for beginning this adventure — creating new spaces for listening, conversation, and engagement.”