Historical Perspective

The Provincial Synod of 1920 took a giant leap of faith and challenged the church to raise $750,000 as a “Larger Life Foundation.” The annual income from invested funds would be distributed to Provincial ministries that the Church held as important for present and future progress. A firm foundation was laid through gifts and estates – treasure from the present that would reach into the future.  It was not until 1956 that the original goal was reached. The Larger Life Foundation assets in the 21st century now exceed $13,000,000, supporting agencies and causes of the Moravian Church, Northern Province.


Each year a distribution of interest (based on a percentage of the asset value of the Foundation) is made to Provincial ministries and causes. In 2022 it totaled over $500,000. This chart records every 10th year to show the incremental increase over the history of the Fund. Last year 20 core ministries and 18 discretionary grant recipients received Larger Life funding.