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June 30 Update from Sikonge

Monday evening Bill lead devotions at the hospital and because he was American, was asked about our current political climate. He began to do rounds with Kefas and Mama Kimwaga which was slightly complicated due to road construction. They gave out clothing in many neighborhoods and were fed generously. They spent the week traveling around the area giving both clothes and medical attention to orphans in need.

Peg’s camera broke after they arrived so they have very few pictures from this trip. Another big issue that was being dealt with was the problem of a water pump and the politics of who was going to pay to fix the problem. Bill also gave an update that the construction of a new church is going well. They had a nice evening with Steen, celebrating his retirement and discussing his life plans. The next day they tackled the financial concerns again. Sunday they attended church and planned their final weeks in Tanzania.

You can read the full letter from Bill below.

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