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Response to the Covid-19 Pandemic from the Executive Director, Justin Rabbach

BWM responds to needs arising from the Covid-19 Pandemic

At the BWM we consider our call to mission to be something we should be responding to in all places (near and far) and at all times. While the COVID-19 situation has made it difficult for BWM to carry out some of its work in the “usual” way, our work does continue. We have communicated directly with all of our global partners, and have heard back from many about the unique challenges they are facing. Some areas, like Peru and Honduras, are experiencing business closures and heavy travel restrictions, even in rural areas, restricting the supply of essentials like food and medicines. Other areas have not yet experienced the virus in the same way. BWM has responded to several areas with disaster grants to help mitigate the impact of this crisis in the short–term, even as we plan for the need for a longer-term response.

We will continue to be in regular contact with all global partners and offer financial and material support as we are able, from a distance, until we are able to once again travel and visit with our friends and partners in person.

I would be remiss as I share about the needs being communicated to the BWM, if I also did not share the strong outpouring of support from global partners who are offering prayers and encouragement to the Moravian Church in North America as they hear the news about the growing health concerns we are experiencing in our context. I have been particularly encouraged by personal messages from leaders in Peru, and a request from Bishop Ezekial Yona of the Moravian Church in Western Tanzania to provide an update on our congregations, ministries, and health situation in the U.S. and Canada so that we could be lifted up in a daily prayer meeting of church leaders in their province.

So, as we remain focused on our purpose to fulfill the Great Commandment and the Great Commission, a silver lining to this situation has been the reminder of the wonderful neighbors and partners we have, and that when we are called to share the Gospel, that means more than giving it away, it means to experience it together.