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Share Your Mission Story – Peru Seminary and Graduation

BWM Mission grants have helped to provide online seminary classes, and trained pastors for the Peruvian Moravian Congregations

One of the Mission Grant projects supported by the BWM was technical equipment to help establish online certificate programs of seminary coursework led by pastors in Peru. Rev. Christopher Valencia, vice-president of the Peru Moravian Mission Area and director of the online Moravian Dunamis Ministries Seminary has been offering virtual Bible Studies and reflections for the flock, including this series on “Faith & Works.”

The Rev. Christopher Valencia, Vice-President of the Peru Moravian Mission Area

Graduation Day: This picture was taken at the commencement celebration of the first class from this online seminary, held in conjunction with the 2nd National Conference of the Moravian Church in Peru in August of 2019.

The Class of 2019

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