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Share Your Mission Story: Covid-19 and the Moravian Clinic in Ahaus, Honduras

The Moravian Clinic in Ahuas continues to serve patient needs even during the Covid-19 pandemic

The Moravian Clinic in Ahuas, Honduras has been extremely busy during the COVID-19 pandemic. Honduras moved quickly in March to restrict travel. While no cases of the virus have yet been reported in La Moskitia, the travel restrictions have meant that individuals that may have traveled to larger cities or hospitals are now coming to the Ahuas Clinic for care.

The BWM has sent emergency funding in both March and April to the clinic to help deal with increased medicine costs, and to assist patients with transportation and cost of their care.

In this post we want to highlight and share the faces and names of some of the hardworking staff providing such necessary care at the clinic.

Sister Flor Blackhaus Derek has worked for the Clinic for 40 years having been hired by Dr. Samuel Marx. She most recently has been the main operating room nurse and sterilization expert. She retired at the end of March.
Dr. Kenneth Serapio and Dr. Sarahí Suazo. Dr. Serapio is the Clinic’s senior physician and only surgeon. Dr. Suazo has been with the Clinic since January and is well liked by patients and staff.
Dr. Kenneth Serapio and his wife Becky.
Sister Flor with Dr. Ted Aníbal Riven. Dr. Riven has been the Hospital Director for just over a year and continues to improve administration and general functioning of the hospital.
Dr. Riven along with brothers Sabio and Selín overseeing projects on the clinic’s campus.

We thank God for those who have supported the work and ministry of the Moravian Clinic in Ahuas and for those who are currently meeting the medical and spiritual needs in La Moskitia.