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BWM Covid-19 Emergency Grant Usage Report From the Clinica Evangelica Morava in Ahuas, Honduras

The letter below was received in Spanish from the Director of the Ahuas Clinic, Ted Riven, and was translated by BWM staff to be shared here. It details how the Clinic used funds requested from BWM as a result of impacts from the Covid-19 pandemic in Honduras. 

July 8, 2020

Dear brothers and sisters,

I greet you on behalf of our creator. I want to share this report on how the emergency funds we received from you for this pandemic were distributed.

During this coronavirus emergency, there have been many different needs regarding the pandemic. There were many patients who, due to the closings of the borders and access to the clinic, had to pay for emergency trips to safeguard their health and their life. These funds were used to help those who had problems paying for transportation, medical care, and the purchase of medicines and supplies.  In addition, these funds helped us to continue medical assistance for all those who come to our hospital. It is worth mentioning that without this fund to help our financial situation, lives would have been lost.

Below, described through some photos, are the beneficiaries who have been served.

This newborn with organ failure visited the clinic on April 24. He was cared for in the emergency room and was kept on oxygen for 4 days without an incubator. Dr. Sarai Suazo referred him to the hospital in Lempira because of a lack of incubators in our clinic. Because the parents did not have economic resources and available transportation, they recieved help from the emergency fund to pay for the expense. The child made it to the hospital on oxygen. His transfer to the hospital saved his life thanks to this fund. (We are happy to report that since this infant was treated,  a generous donor provided the funds needed and an incubator was purchased for  the Clinic.)


A diabetic patient with hypertension, arrived at the hospital with a serious prostate problem and was admitted with sugar of 400 mg/dl and pressure of 300 g, and an enlarged prostate. He traveled from the community of Bethlehem by ambulance to be able to reach our hospital center. He was immediately assisted by doctors to control his immunological problems so that we could continue with his prostate surgery. After his surgery, due to the aforementioned problems of diabetes and hypertension, his recovery was complicated. Because of this, he was hospitalized for a month fighting for his health. He was able to recover, was discharged, and then able to travel home. Due to the economic problems of his stay, he received financial aid from the emergency fund.

A diabetic patient from the community of Cocobila, came to the clinic with a foot infection. Later complications caused the need for her amputation. She received two weeks of therapy to control her blood sugar before the amputation could occur. The procedure made her quite depressed so she was hospitalized for two months. She arrived with serious economic problems and did not eat much during her stay. With all the issues and due to the pandemic, she needed an ambulance to reach the clinic. This was paid for by the COVID-19 emergency fund. Because of this support, she was able to pay for her stay. This is why I say your offerings & donations still save lives.

patient from Waxma, came to the clinic with an infection. The doctors proceeded to do curettage in order to restore her health.

She and other patients with extremely low economic resources and no way to return home are looking for support. Without the clinic in Ahuas, without the help of our donors, without the mission board, without the Ahuas committee, many people would die. Today they have recovered and are healed thanks to the doctors and to you for the financial aid.

A patient from Aurata came to the clinic for a very complex case of uterine cancer. This diagnosis gave her little chance of surviving for many years because of her advanced case. She was treated surgically, giving her a better life expectancy

This is another patient with a bad economic situation, who was admitted for a long time and needing support for her return home. She made it with help from the emergency COVID-19 fund.

A patient from Cocobila, came with her daughter to give birth to her child. Her journey was complicated and expensive because she came by ambulance. Her situation was further complicated because she needed urgent cesarian surgery. Thanks to Dr. Kenneth’s intervention, he was able to save the life of the baby and the mother.

I want to express my gratitude to the Board of World Mission and our many donors, with whom we work miracles in saving the lives of many who are cared for in this clinic which was founded for a worthy purpose 74 years ago. If were it not for the great support that you give us, many lives would have been lost.

Today more than ever the Clinica Evangelica Morava requires humanitarian aid for its survival.  The Coronavirus is causing alarm in our society because we lack the financial resources for sufficient diagnostic tests, treatment for patients who test positive, safety equipment for doctors and nurses, toiletries, laundry supplies, pharmaceuticals, laboratory equipment, and additional personnel.

I would also like to inform you that this fund purchased a treatment kit that is already in use. This is a quick test kit that has a slightly higher cost, so the cost was shared to make the purchase.

Yours in Christ,

Ted Anibal Riven Miller
Administrator of the Ahuas Clinic