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A Note from the Director of Mission Service

AS THE DIRECTOR OF MISSION SERVICE, I have the privilege of hearing of the joy that volunteers experience as they live out their faith through service. We find hope through the joy-filled reflections and photographs from several of the eighty-six faithful servants who responded to God’s call in 2019. Here are reflections from three places where service occurred in 2019:

JAMAICA: “During our nightly devotions, we realized that mission work is done in many forms– painting houses, providing financial support for materials, playing dominoes or soccer, or building personal relationships with our brothers and sisters in other ways. In Jamaica, this is all done in God’s love and the joy is multiplied. Knowing that mission work can at times be easy and at times take searching deep within your soul to give a bit more of yourself to fit the needs of another’s culture, we felt rewarded and fulfilled at the end of each day’s experience.”

CUBA: “The opportunity to be part of Camp Cuba was such a gift in so many ways, especially with regard to the relationships that developed. The Eastern District partnered with the Board of World Mission in this cross-cultural, leader- ship training camp ministry, and relational community ministry outreach. It was a privilege to experience the greater Moravian Church through our shared faith and ministries.”

U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS: “St. John is a beautiful place with wonderful people; relationships are more important than fences being built; God always has us under His wing. The residents of St. John were grateful even with all that was lost to Hurricane Maria and the slow rebuilding of their church.”

With the inspiration of these stories of living in relationship with God and each other, may our experi- ence of faith take us places that open our hearts, minds and souls to God’s enduring presence.

—Jill Kolodziej