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Report on Social Aid and the Preventive Medicine Program

The letter below was received in Spanish from the Director of the Ahuas Clinic, Ted Riven, and was translated by BWM staff to be shared here.

This report is about HIV patients helped by the preventive medicine program of the Clinica Evangélica Morava Ahuas, we would like to let our North American brothers and sisters know that these patients benefit from their financial support. Many patients can recover from HIV and live stable lives.

For the same reason, we want to thank everyone for their support and continue to ask our North American brothers and sisters to continuie sending donations to the Morava Evangelical Clinic in Honduras.

With this fund, the Preventive Medicine Program is helping patients with HIV travel to and from the Puerto Lempira Hospital to do their lab tests and receive their treatments. With this fund we serve 8 patients (6 women and 2 men).

The care of patients at the Hospital de Puer to Lempira is because the Government of Honduras keeps track of the CD4 count control tests and that only they are authorized to handle this . For that reason, the lab tests and their treatments are performed at the aforementioned hospital, specifically CD4.

Thanks to the donors that all the patients are very well recovered, we hope that God gives continues to bless you for the gesture of love they have made for those in need in the community of Ahuas.

Note that this program is of great importance, there is a great need today because our youth are so vulnerable and many of them become carriers without knowing their sick. This happens to many young people, this is one of the reasons why it is necessary to educate people on the matter, detect positive patients early, and make people aware to prevent more cases. For this education, visual materials, cardboard, markers, and a budget for logistics and travel are required, it also includes food.

You also need the tests and other supplies that will be used for the sampling and storage of the samples, all this would also go into budgetary expenses.



Children’s dining rooms

The children’s dining rooms is another one of the programs with great demand, this time it was a very emotional moment after the situation we have experienced with the covid, being able to visit Barra Patuca and share with the children a moment of gratitude and see how they were eagerly waiting their meal time. Thanks to Sister Chorna, who with great effort makes and prepares food for the children and serves them for their vital food as we can see in the photo.

Children waiting for their moment of food; for them this moment is important and the waiting makes the very anxious. It is worth mentioning that for this year there are not many funds to continue this program, we hope that our supporters who have had this willingness to donate may continue to support this great work.

It is the most awaited moment for the children, the time for them to be served their delicious food to fill them. This experience is lived in Paptalaya, Krupunta, Ahuas and Barra Patuca.



The children are so grateful when they receive their food, we hope to continue this great work so that children can continue to be fed and avoid the problem of malnutrition.


Ted Anibal Riven Miller

CEM Director