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2019 Update from the Ahuas Clinic in Honduras

This report was submitted in Spanish by Ted Riven, director of the Ahuas Clinic and translated by BWM staff for inclusion in this publication.

THE CLINIC WAS FOUNDED on June 16, 1946, by missionaries and doctors from the United States of America through the Moravian Church. The purpose was to help people with limited financial resources and help this area with a medical center since there was no center for medical care, so the clinic is defined as a nonprofit center, supporting the general population who do not have resources for supporting their basic needs for subsistence.

Since its foundation, the clinic has been operating with donations and subsidies sent by the BWM. Without such assistance, this medical center, that is of great importance for the restoration of many patients who come for their medical assistance, would cease to exist.

In La Mosquitia, there have been many cases of prostate issues among male patients. Almost 80,000 Lempiras ($3,200) is required for surgery in cities such as San Pedro Sula or Tegucigalpa. Thanks to our Heavenly Father and the surgeon on site, we have helped many men with this issue.

The clinic provides care for 10 patients with HIV / AIDS who visit the hospital in Puerto Lempira. The clinic covers the round-trip expenses for their medical care with the help of funds sent from the Board of World Mission for special patients needing CD4 evaluation every six months.

The clinic does face challenges. For example, because of the remote location of our facility, we always need to purchase medicines at an early date and hope our careful calculations are correct so they will arrive on time and keep the clinic properly supplied.

Despite challenges, in 2019, the Ahuas Clinic saw nearly 3,500 patients. This included 171 births, 324 surgeries and nearly 6,400 lab tests.

Thank you for the ongoing support of this medical work and ministry.