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An Update from the Moravian Secondary School in Bluefields, Nicaragua

     By the grace and mercy of God we have been able to struggle through these difficult times due to the pandemic (COVID-19). We are aware that the entire world has been touched by this virus; however, we join in prayers with all believers around the world for those who have lost their love ones and those who are in the process of recovering be it at home or at a hospital.
     We reopened the doors of our school on the 24th of August with student in tenth and eleventh grades. On September 21st, we divided the classes (50%) from 7th to 9th grades. The first group comes on Monday and Tuesday and the second group on Wednesday and Thursday. Thank God as of this moment we have had satisfactory results: we are taking all necessary precautions and we have had the support from our teachers, parents and students.
     Our kids were out of classes for five months. During this period of time they were receiving classes through hand-outs, WhatsApp, and, a few through classroom platform.
     As of this moment we have 492 students, 90% are currently receiving classes in their respective classrooms.
     The Colegio Moravo depends solely on school fees in order to meet our responsibilities with the personnel and comply with our responsibilities with other institutions (light, water, phone bills and maintenance).   The Government pays 7 teachers  while the school pays 24 (including administrative and support personnel).
     The monthly school fees are C$650.00 (six hundred and fifty Córdobas) which is equivalent to $18.90 USD
     We are grateful to everyone who has contributed by offering scholarships to students.  This has made a significant difference in the life of many kids and their families.
There was a time (eight years ago) our Colegio Moravo was paying a better salary to our teachers compared with those who were paid by the government.  However, eventually this changed and we are not able to compete with the government.
     There are many projects we have in mind to carry out; however, due to the financial limitations we ought to focus on complying with the salary of the personnel that work at the school and our responsibilities with the basic services we receive.
     One of the most pressing project is the roof of the gymnasium.  On December 1st of this year we have planned the High School Graduation at the Gym (as usual).  The condition of the roof, because of the salt-spray, is not adequate.  We are in urgent need to have the Gym in condition for this special occasion, God willing.
     I am thankful to the BWM, for your concern and willingness to keep us informed of the people who kindly want to make a difference at our Colegio Moravo.
     May God continue to bless you in your ministry.
     Gratefully Yours,
     Allan Budier  Bryan (Principal Colegio Moravo -Bluefields, Nicaragua)