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Hurricane Eta Leaves Wind and Flood Damage in Nicaragua and Honduras

We ask your prayers for our Moravian Brothers and Sisters on the northeast coast of Nicaragua and the eastern coast of Honduras as they deal with the effects of Hurrican Eta, which arrived on Tuesday morning, November 3, 2020.  The storm made landfall near Puerto Cabezas (a.k.a. Bilwi) as a category 4 hurricane with top winds at 140 mph.  Storm surge and flooding rains have had a devastating effect.   The storm then moved across Honduras continuing to drop heavy rain causing streams and rivers to flood.  Many of our Moravian Congregations are located along these low-lying river beds that carry water out to the Gulf of Mexico.

We have received an email communication from Puerto Cabezas confirming that damage has been widespread.  Damage to homes and places of worship involve roofs being blown off or, in some cases, complete destruction.  We have heard of two deaths in the mining region as a result of mudslides.  The high winds have stripped fruit trees of their leaves and harvest, and many crops have been lost.  There is now concern about the spread of waterborne diseases from raw sewage being washed into rivers and wells. Complicating this even further is the fact that Covid-19 spread will become an issue as folks who have lost their homes crowd into shelters.

Receiving Government Aid in Rosita


Damage to homes in Puerto Cabezas


From the Moravian Clinic in Ahuas, we hear that they received significant rain but little damage.  Their concern is that the Clinic surgeon, Dr. Kenneth Serapio, will need to leave the Clinic soon to care for his family and home in Puerto Cabezas. We understand that his home was heavily damaged by the hurricane and needs to leave as soon as it is safe to do so.  We ask your prayers for Dr. Kenneth during these difficult days and for the Moravian Clinic as they will continue to care for the sick without him.

Communication from the region continues to be sparse because of the loss of electrical power and cell towers being knocked offline.  The Board of World Mission staff will continue to monitor this situation and remain in touch with our partners as we are able.  We will no doubt be sending aid to the region through our Moravian Disaster Response fund.  Please consider making a donation today by clicking the “Give” link below.