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Season of Giving Spotlight: Moravian Disaster Response

In addition to its planned work with constituents and global partners, BWM provides funds and teams to assist with ongoing disaster relief, both globally and within our borders.

Following a disaster, the Board of World Mission generally looks to support professional first responder organizations through financial support as needed, and then to focus on longer-term efforts to assist with ongoing volunteer engagement. When a disaster occurs, our Director of Mission Engagement will send a notice to congregations to make them aware of opportunities to give and any relief teams that might be forming. We encourage that donations to cover disaster relief be designated for our general disaster relief account so that the BWM has the flexibility to respond immediately to financial needs that arise in the face of disaster.

This year the MDR fund has been used to its fullest potential as Covid-19 spread around the globe. The fund has been used to ease financial burdens that have been caused by the pandemic as well as to send medical supplies to Honduras. On top of the ongoing pandemic, Hurrican Eta has given us plenty of reasons to send aid to the areas affected by the storm, most notably in Honduras and Nicaragua.

Yes, 2020 has been full of some disasters, all years have, but this year has seen the Moravian Disaster Response fund used more than ever. We are asking those who are able to consider donating to this fund so we can continue to provide aid in the years to come. Help us reach our goal of having 20 new monthly donors who give $20 or more.