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MDR Fund Helps to Purchase Needed Seeds for Crops

When Hurricanes Eta and Iota hit Nicaragua and Honduras in November 2020, they spread up to 60 inches of rain far inland in a matter of two weeks.  This caused catastrophic flooding along the creeks and rivers that provide water and transportation for the many villages that line them.  This flooding destroyed many of the farming plots that provide food for each of these communities, leaving as much as two feet of mud and sand on them.  The current crops were destroyed, and after hard work they are now ready for the next planting.

Thankfully with the funds donated to the Board of World Mission’s Disaster Response Fund, seeds were purchased and distributed to many of these villages so that the next crop of beans can begin to bear fruit in a few months.  This will go a long way towards providing these Moravian brothers and sisters with a predictable food source well into the future.

To date, the Board of World Mission has dispatched $130,000 to the three Moravian Provinces in the region to help them procure not only these seeds but other needed food and supplies and the ability to clean out village wells which were contaminated by the flooding.

What we have sent so far is a good start, but more is needed.

A sack of seeds for beans costs about $60.  Won’t you consider helping?

We ask for your continued support of the Moravian Disaster Response fund, which allows the BWM to respond to disasters immediately with funds for emergency needs, as well as ongoing rebuilding projects.

The pictures included are of the distribution of seeds along the lower Rio Coco, which is the river that forms the border between Nicaragua and Honduras.