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Covid-19’s Impact in Cuba

The Rev. Tania Sanchez is president of the Provincial Board of the Moravian Mission Province in Cuba. What follows is a translated excerpt of her recent communication with Brother Justin Rabbach, Executive Director of the Board of World Mission. 

Dear Brother,

We have a very critical situation due to the coronavirus at this time in our country.  Every day, those infected increase by large numbers and these numbers will continue to increase. Guantánamo (to the far East of the island) is seeing the highest number of cases. This has caused the economic situation of the country to be very, very difficult even for pastors who do not have a working relationship with the government.

Our sanctuaries are closed until the Ministry of Public Health authorizes the opening. We go out very little from home, only to look for food which increases in prices every day. We are maintaining our virtual services online and calling on the phone trying to reach all the members. We are very sad for not being able to meet, but we have hope in our God that they will soon make the vaccines available.

Do tell everyone that today we are very happy.  We have a Provincial Board that loves the work and has only one purpose: well-being and to advance as a church.  We are organizing and united today as a true team, planning and doing many good things in favor of the work.

Thank you for your prayers. Thank you because we know that we can count on you, with your support in prayers.

A fraternal hug,
Rev: Tania

We are happy for your prayers