Kenya News Outreach

February 2021 Update from Ray of Hope

Greetings from Kenya!  We hope you are all doing well. The Tesh family wants to say sorry for not sending an update sooner.

We are doing well as a family. Blessing is doing well. She is in school.  Love has started preschool and is enjoying that very much.

Ray of Hope is doing well. The school has opened again. As we all know, this last year was not a normal year. We had to reduce the number of kids in the school to meet the government’s requirements. For right now, we have pre-school and grades 1 and 2. For the children’s home, we are doing very well. We only have 12 kids there now. We are praying for more kids.  We have continued to grow our gardens, including a good crop of corn this year.   (We have had to share part of that crop with local monkeys!)

As the Ray of Hope team, we feel that this year will be a year to rebuild and evaluate our progress. We are also looking into other ways to develop ourselves and our ministry because of changes brought by Covid-19.

We are very thankful for your prayers and your support for us as a family and for the ministry at Ray of Hope.  We would like you to pray with us as we rebuild and evaluate ourselves and the ministry. Please pray for our school to grow and that we get more buildings to host more classes and kids.

From the Tesh Family