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MDR Update on the Texas Winter Storms – February 24, 2021

For the last several weeks, a series of storms and cold weather has hit Texas, a state not used to such frigid conditions. The storm’s most significant impact has been the loss of electrical power because of an electrical network not built for winter conditions,  downed power lines, and increased demand.   The latest count shows that 31 Texans have died due to the lack of heat in their homes and other winter weather impacts.

As of Monday, February 22, the city of Fort Worth alone has reported over 500 water main breaks, causing many people to lose their water source.  It has also caused damage to roads and other infrastructure.  It will take weeks to get all of that repaired state-wide.

So far, nearly 29,000 insurance claims have been filed by property owners to help repair broken pipes in their homes and businesses.

The Board of World Mission has had a long-established partnership with the Unity of the Brethren Church based in Texas.  Their church and was founded by Czech immigrants to the United States in the early 1900s.  Through this connection, they too trace their church roots back to John Hus and the early Unitas Fratrum. For more information about the Unity of the Brethren, please go to their website at www.unityofthebrethren.org.   Brother David Miller, who represents the Unity of Brethren on our board, reports that their members seem to be doing OK for now in dealing with these miserable conditions.    They are not asking for assistance at this time, but we will continue to be in touch with them to see how we can best help.

Please keep our dear friends in the Unity of the Brethren Church and all the people in the state of Texas in your prayers as they recover from this winter weather disaster.