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Share Our Stories: Ed Isley

This blog post is part of a series recounting the trips of volunteers to the clinic in Ahuas, Honduras.


I was privileged to be part of a work team from New Era Reformed Church a few years back who traveled to Ahuas. As a team we worked on various projects. We worked on files, painted, built a chicken coop, my sister as a nurse was able to assist Dr. Kenneth do a few things in the clinic. What a huge blessing the week was! I got to bond with fellow believers from the US and Honduras. I got to work hand in hand also arm and arm with the team and the people of Ahuas. This allowed me insights into the needs and struggles of these dear people. Throughout the whole week, I distinctly remembering singing ‘Open The Eyes Of My Heart’ by Michel W. Smith.

Our days started with a devotional after breakfast with the staff. Singing hymns in a language you don’t understand. But fully knowing that God is being praised and lifted up. What an awesome way to start your day. Our days were filled with much laughter as we worked. But the work was only part of the experience. Building relationships was a huge part of my trip. Jesus was very relational. He loved meeting with one, two, or the multitudes. So this turned into my goal, to encourage. As the week went on, I think I became the encouraged, rather than doing the encouraging. The people at the clinic were so kind and friendly, always a smile. One thing I came home with, was the question of why has God entrusted me with so much, and the people of Ahuas so very little. I think God has given us an abundance so we can bless others. The needs of the clinic are huge. It was a tremendous week with a lasting impact.

Ed Isley