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Former Intern Participates in “The World Race”.

Anna Stewart Faircloth is a former BWM intern and life-long Moravian from North Carolina. We are excited to see her continue her mission work journey through an exciting opportunity with the World Race.

We encourage you to check out the link and learn more!

Learn more here: anna-stewartfaircloth.theworldrace.org

Here is what Anna Stewart has to say about her upcoming journey, and how folks can support her in this endeavor.

The World Race is a life-changing journey that helps you grow with God, love others, and make a difference. As a World Racer, I will travel with my squad to many countries over the course of 11 months. My team and I will travel to 4 “hub” countries, Ecuador, South Asia, Eswatini, and Ethiopia, where we will then be trained on the culture and the ministry focus of that area and the surrounding areas. From these hub countries, we will be traveling to the surrounding countries which can include Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Nepal, South Africa, Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Rwanda, and Uganda. While in these countries, our focus areas of ministry will be children and student ministry, community development and outreach, local church ministry, discipleship, preaching, drug rehabilitation ministry, feeding program, leading bible studies, sex trafficking ministry, and so much more.

As God has called me to this trip, He did not plan for me to do it alone. I pray that you will join me in my ministry prayerfully and/or financially if you feel led to do so. The total cost of this trip is $18,700.

You can visit anna-stewartfaircloth.theworldrace.org to keep up with my journey and also to donate!