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Report on Construction of Pit Latrine in Uganda

The following report was sent to us by our partners in Uganda:

As part of the proceeds from the piggery project funded by Ephraim Moravian Church through the Board of World Mission and contributions from members of the Moravian Church in Uganda, the church bought its first-ever piece of land on July 8th, 2020. This land (Kibanja) measuring 100ft by 50ft is located at Kabubiro Village, Najja Sub – County in Buikwe district.

Work on sinking the pit latrine commences

In extension of Church land, the Moravian Church in Uganda further bought another piece of land of similar size next to the already acquired land in the same village on December 5th, 2020. With this land, the Moravian Church in Uganda anticipates constructing its national offices, a church structure, and implement other development projects.

The pit ready for construction

In response to the Government requirement for an area of convenience for members during meetings, the Moravian Church in Uganda applied for a grant from Unity Mission and Development Board to construct a four (04) stance Pit Latrine for convenience and also contribute to the prevention of outbreaks and spread of diseases such as cholera due to improved disposal of waste.

Delivery and offloading of construction materials

With funding from Unity Mission and Development Board, the Moravian Church in Uganda embarked on the construction of this latrine.

Slab work for pit latrine

We thank our partners for the continued support and prayers that have enabled our ministry to grow.

Ongoing construction of the pit latrine

With the acquisition of land and subsequent construction of the place of convenience, the membership of Moravian Church in Uganda aspires to construct a church structure and an administration block to act as the headquarters of the Church in Uganda given resources.

Ongoing construction of the pit latrine

Meanwhile, we do propose to fence off our land as one way of protecting it from encroachers and keeping our boundaries secure.

Finished pit latrine

God bless you! Our Lamb Has Conquered; Let us follow Him!