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Share Our Stories: Carolyn Jendro

This blog post is part of a series recounting the trips of volunteers to the clinic in Ahuas, Honduras.

I have been blessed to meet many Moravians who lived in other parts of the world who shared their lives as Missionaries.  I had never had an experience traveling to Central America and since our North Dakota Mission Society undertook taking trips to Honduras to take necessary items for the hospital, the seed was planted for me to go on one of these trips.  I was familiar with packing barrels to send supplies to Nicaragua and Honduras years ago and so I was really excited to make Baby Layettes and also hospital supplies.  I love working with small children and wondered what items would be exciting for them to have fun with while they are waiting for their family at the hospital. 

The trip to reach our destination took a day and half and it was a learning time especially the final destination of flying in a small plane which I felt at home having flown with my Dad as a child on the farm. When I saw the landing strip next to the hospital I was ecstatic. My heart beat so hard as I felt we are here! This is the place of what I had heard about and saw many pictures of.  

The area of the hospital grounds is surrounded by a fence so the animals aren’t walking through the grounds . The building we stayed in was like a Bible Camp I experienced and the people were so kind and full of singing during the morning service of Chapel each day. It was a very touching moment to see the staff of the hospital and workers all praying together to begin the day with the Lord. The events of the day were printed up on the Board so the agenda was presented. Rick was very organized in bringing the projects of the day for us all.  Coming from the farm area the weeding of the vegetables and fruit trees were waiting for me.  Another project was repainting of the buildings to present a  refreshing look both inside and outside.  

It is truly a dream come true to feel the impact of serving others. To hear a newborn baby cry sometimes in the middle of the night and other times to see in the open hall of the hospital. Such a beautiful picture of the little one so perfect and one of God’s creations.  

A trip to another village via a tractor trip and a boat downriver Sunday morning to attend church was picturesque seeing cattle and other various scenic views before hiking to church and participating in a service longer than my experience but full of music with instruments and choir. Our treat was fresh chopped coconut juice. 

I will tell you another wonder to experience is a tractor trip to another village to serving the Children their Meal or now called the Feeding Program. The vegetables and meat is prepared in the morning, the vegetables were familiar to me living on a farm and at noon the children come with their bowls and are served.  I will say that the children were so polite and waited patiently to be served. Again such pictures of these children I could make poster after poster seeing these beautiful children, God’s Creation. I wished I could do so much more to help. Yes I can help by asking others to live that experience I had had.  I will tell you I lived that experience and had to go back a second trip.

Carolyn Jendro