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Update on the Seminario Moravo Latinoamericano in Chiclayo, Perú

Pastor Christopher Valencia Alcantara has generously provided the BWM with an update on the esteemed Seminario Moravo Latinoamericano (Latin American Moravian Seminary) in Chiclayo, Perú. The purpose of the seminary is to contribute to the academic formation of candidates for pastoral ministry and to serve as a center for continual pastoral guidance. All classes are offered free of charge to encourage folks to continue in their calling. So far, two classes of candidates have been blessed to receive a degree in theology, including three Moravian pastors and many pastors of other denominations.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has greatly affected the enrollment of students in the seminary, they have continued their work through online classes and video conferencing. Because pastors from the larger cities are no longer able to regularly visit the students in the Amazon region of Perú, Christopher is developing an annex of the seminary in that area, so that candidates in this remote region may continue their studies.

The seminary has also partnered with distinguished and well-versed teachers to offer three new courses of study this year, “The Church in Times of Pandemic,” “Transcultural Mission,” and “Christian Counseling and Family Therapy.” In October and November, they plan to develop another course.

Pastor Christopher offers his gratitude to “each brother and sister who, with their unconditional support for this noble cause, makes it possible for us to have the participation of high-level academic and spiritual speakers.”