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McKinley and Darlene Winters’ Faith Journey

The above photo of McKinley and Darlene Winters was taken on their Confirmation Day in 2020. We are grateful to them for sharing about their journey to becoming the newest ordained pastors in the Moravian Church in Labrador.


“Prior to 2019, our family would attend church twice a year, on Christmas Eve and Easter Monday. We might attend a Sunday service every now and again. In the spring of 2019, a Moravian Bishop from Jamaica by the name of Rev. Devon Anglin came to Hopedale for three months. Anglin’s presence and words in church one Sunday morning opened our hearts. We both felt something in our hearts change. We decided to attend the weekly Bible studies and prayer meetings that Bishop Anglin was offering. It was during these meetings that we witnessed the Holy Spirit at work. Rev. Anglin would unknowingly answer or give guidance to our personal questions or issues. We were amazed. Throughout our walk, God would often answer us through scripture, people, music, movies, etc. He would answer the thoughts or questions we had held in our hearts — things that no one else knew about. So began our walk!

“In 2019, Sister Rosie Piercy introduced us to the Moravian Daily Text. This daily devotional has been guiding our lives ever since. We continued to attend Bible studies, prayer meetings, and Sunday services every week. By August 2020, we both confirmed our faith in the Moravian Church and by September 2020 we both quit our jobs to attend Queens College. (Keep in mind that we have loans and bills and three children.) We are currently in our second year of studying for our Bachelor of Theology – ordination stream.

“As we are writing this, we are amazed. God’s word transforms your life. If you allow it into your heart, God will guide you, will teach you, will give you strength to look deep inside yourself, to let go. Let go of things that block you from showing love. Praise God!”