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Continued Growth in Western Tanzania

The Moravian Church in Western Tanzania has been growing rapidly for the last few decades. That growth continues today, as new church buildings and Sunday school buildings are being constructed throughout the area, especially in the Tabora Region. Read more below about just some of the current building projects.


Milumbani Congregation

This congregation’s building project is still in its very early stages, as the photos below show. They are on schedule to complete the project in the next year.

Isevya Congregation

Isevya is located in Tabora town and is working on an ongoing building project. They are at the roofing stage now.

Cheyo Congregation

This is another congregation within Tabora town. They plan to complete their roofing during the summer.

Ipuli Congregation

The Ipuli congregation is within Tabora town and is working on a new building for their Sunday school classes. They are at the foundation stage now and are making bricks for erecting the walls. The children are looking forward to their new building.