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Moravian Disaster Response to Hurricane Julia — 10/13/22 Update

We have received additional updates from our brothers and sisters in Nicaragua following Hurricane Julia. The hurricane has caused two types of damage: 1) Storm damage in the area directly hit by the hurricane, which is greatly suffering due to loss of homes, crops, and clean water. 2) Flooding throughout the entire country as the water from the rains continues to accumulate in the lower areas in the interior of the country and water levels continue to rise. In these areas they are also suffering losses of homes, livestock, crops, and infrastructure. The Provincial Board is working to collect information and assess damages throughout the Nicaraguan Province so that they can coordinate assistance efforts, but telephone and internet access has been impacted by the storm, making communication more difficult. Each area is also seeing local efforts to provide aid.

The video below was sent to us from Moravian partners in Walangwas, Nicaragua. It shows significant flooding along the Bambana River, causing damage to homes, the church building, and the parsonage. This church is pastored by Rev. Bayardo Vanegas, who has reported significant losses in agricultural production (yucca, plantains, bananas, etc.)  due to the flooding. He expects to see severe hunger in his community in the near future. They also know that other villages nearby are underwater and many people have lost their homes, livestock, and more, but they await further information about the extent of the damage. They expressed hope that their government will recognize the needs in their little communities and offer some assistance.

The photos below show extensive flooding in the highland area of Río Coco, where many communities are now underwater. Our partners believe that the most pressing needs in this area at the moment are water, food, and emergency medical supplies. They will especially need medications for diarrhea, because clean drinking water will be much less accessible. One brother reported his experience of extreme pain and severe diarrhea and lamented the lack of access to medication and quality healthcare.

For further information, contact the Rt. Rev. Chris Giesler at [email protected]. The best way to help is to send donations to the Moravian Disaster Response Fund. 100% of the money received in the MDR fund goes directly to these relief efforts.

US citizens can send checks to: Board of World Mission, 1021 Center St., Bethlehem, PA 18018. You may also donate online at Indicate that your gift is for “MDR.”

Canadians can send checks to Moravian Church in Canada, 600 Acadia Dr. SE, Calgary, AB T2J 0B8. Interac e-Transfer donations may be send to [email protected]. Please mark this donation as “MDR” and include your name & address to receive a tax receipt.

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