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Continued Blessings After the BWM Moravian Resources Conference

In September, 50 Moravians from 10 countries gathered in Panama for our Conferencia de Recursos Moravos, or Moravian Resources Conference. We built relationships, shared resources, and learned from each other… and that certainly did not stop when the conference ended and we traveled home. The group chat for delegates and leaders has continued to be an active space for the sharing of joys and concerns, follow-up financial administration trainings are being prepared, and delegates have gathered for Bible studies and prayer meetings. Recently, Brother David Sommers, one of our conference presenters, was invited to share a Bible study on Genesis 1-3 at an online, interprovincial, young adult Bible study led by Brother Wilfredo Cuthbert from the Costa Rican Province. We are grateful that David and Wil connected at the Moravian Resources Conference and that they continue to bless others through their work and through this new friendship.

Click the video below to watch the Bible study, where many conference delegates were present. Thanks to Brother Tomy Lee Valencia Rivera (who represented Perú at the conference) for the clear video and sound quality. If you do not speak Spanish, YouTube offers automatic translation, which isn’t perfect, but is more than sufficient for following along. To access the translation, click the gear icon, then Subtitles, then Auto-Translate, and select your preferred language.

Brother Sommers teaches Spanish, art history, and comparative world religions at Moravian Academy in Bethlehem, PA.